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When in doubt dance it out
Because the best kind of going-away party is the one you throw for your calories!
Zumba birthday girl
Zumba problems!!! Not just in the mall but, everywhere. Even when driving :)
Whooping with your Zumba instructor because you are a Zumba goddess and you know it #zumbachuckles #funny #zumba
Zumba Fitness on Twitter: "#wordstoliveby #bustamove ...
Zumba this! sometimes I don't feel like doing a full on zumba workout but this is something I will have to keep in mind
zumba tomorrow - Iskanje Google
You know you love Zumba when you start making up your own words to every song, even the Spanish ones #zumbachuckles #funny #zumba
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10 Reasons to do Zumba
#8 Realising that you never look as good in a studio mirror as you do in your head #zumbachuckles #funny #zumba
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There's nothing a #Zumba class (or two) can't fix. #guiltisso2013 #indulgein2014
Haha! This is not cool but so true at a Zumba class, LOL!!! (but I'm a wuss and just find somewhere else to stand...)