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El Supremo ve indicios de que Homs prevaricó en la consulta del 9-N

RADIO CORAZÓN VALENCIA "NOTICIAS": El TS inicia la causa contra Homs por desobedienci...

Two sisters„ the youngest „tiptoeing trying to grow up and hold her sister’s hand, and the eldest is trying to forget her pain and take care of her baby sister. Reuters: A wounded young girl from Qusair, Homs, in one of Lebanon’s hospitals ~posted on We are all Hamza Alkhateeb Facebook page June 20, 2012

Homs no recurrirá la decisión del Supremo: "Me guardo toda la artillería para el juicio"

Palmyra (/ˌpælˈmaɪrə/; Aramaic: ܬܕܡܘܪܬܐ‎ Tedmurtā ; Arabic: تدمر‎ Tadmor) was an ancient Semitic city in present Homs Governorate, Syria. Archaeological finds date back to the Neolithic, and it was first documented in the early second millennium BC as a caravan stop for travellers crossing the Syrian Desert.

¿Qué le pasa? Preocupa la delgadez extrema de Dove Cameron y sus fans están aterrados