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Спецвипуск Viva! Переможці: Сергій Шовковий

You saw what happened to Pluto for trying to be different

It didn't go anywhere. It's still right where it's always been. We just call it something different now. There's no less interest in it than there was before. Jesus.

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Welcome, b*tches..

Different shades of Coldplay

When trying to tell the differences between old and new Fiesta, many collectors will become familiar with all the various colors. Markings alone are not a good way to differentiate the two lines. There are some marks which were used in the old line only, some are found in the new line only and some are in BOTH. There isn't a simple statement that can summarize all the markings (there are about a dozen distinct marks) but there are a few general rules which can be helpful.

"They laugh at me, because I am different. I laugh at them, because they are…

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The Top 10 Reasons to GO VEGAN!

neither :)

Well actually they are not polite, LKS and KJK and SJH will fight to either rip the name tag of or to protect their name tag. They bite or hit each other. Real savages . RM

I love how even though the buildings are attatched they are painted differently, same structure but a different take on it

Someone forgot to tell Aaron that he's not it 1832 Paris anymore... and to that person I say 'thank you!' he was sooo perfect at the Oscars :)