nwkarchivist: 30 Years Ago Sally Ride Blasts Into Space History From a systems-engineering standpoint, it is easy to identify the point where Sally K. Ride began to leave the rest of the world behind. A flow chart of her life would show the crucial decision coming one day in 1977, when — as a 25-year-old astrophysicist winding up her doctoral work at Stanford University — she spotted an announcement in the campus newspaper about openings in the astronaut program, a career she had never…

A strong advocate for justice, human rights, and gender issues (and the former Kenyan Minister of Justice), Martha Karua is the first woman in history to run for President in Kenya. #bhm

The Army Nurse Corps during WWII gave provisional commissions to registered nurses. Male nurses, however, were given the rank of Master Sergeant. This was a reversal of the usual discrimination faced women in virtually every other occupation.

NASA Astronaut @Karen Nyberg will be in space at the 50th anniversary of women in space. Go Karen! - Expedition 36/37 portrait of Karen Nyberg. Credit: Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

SALLY RIDE, Pilot, Astronaut, Leader, Feminist. First American woman is space. Brave and great.

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