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Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold, historical fiction about the magician Charles Carter. Very interesting, engaging, and funny.

Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier.

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32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

This is one of the best science fiction books I've read in years. It's so good you won't think of it as science fiction. I'm a little resentful of that phrase. It irritates me that science fiction as a genre is popularly thought to only include the schlock, and the good stuff by definition just can't be science fiction. A co-worker said this to me the other day when I pointed out The Sparrow as it came across the receiving station and I recommended it to her. I knew she didn't like science fiction generally, and thought she might read it and find some science fiction she liked. She told…

Love the historical fiction of Sarah Dunant

The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant.