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This has been by far one of the hardest years of my life. Prior to this year, life had been so calm & peaceful in comparison. I want that back. I don't want to spend any more time having to deal w/C's messes. I am *such* a good person and I know it. I *deserve* to be able to devote my time & energy to just building my dreams, celebrating life, laughing, smiling, loving people, experiencing the tremendous joy there is to be found in every day. Sophie does too. I am making that happen…

Once when I was running, from all that haunted me, to the dark I was succumbing to what hurt unbearably… Oh my goodness. Remembering that feeling makes my heart just ache, but what came after was such joy.

"God is a happy-making God. He claims this as his name an eternal symbol of who he is: 'You shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace. . . . And it shall make a name for the Lord' (Isaiah 55:1213). Gods eternal plan is to make his people happy. And yet so often happiness seems to be pulled just out of our reach institutionalized abortion mass shootings the recurrence of cancer moral collapse unfaithful friends personal sins that seem so embedded in our bones that they just wont die…

"It’s making such complete peace with what-is, that you’re able to allow what you really want to be revealed to you in the next step. But if you’re not making peace with what-is, then you can’t feel the revelation, the realization for what’s next." ~Abraham-Hicks ..*

Carrie Fisher Slams Critics of Her Appearance in “The Force Awakens”

OH MY GOD This poor women the media has given her so much hate lately just bc she aged which is what EVERYONE DOES They need to get out what ever is up their butts and start be respectful and considerate of other peoples feeling Its just ridiculous