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Singer Celine Dion Selling Private Island Estate in Montreal

Celine Dion is one of those superstars who does everything up big, from her wedding to her ballads. Remember her $20 million “waterpark house” in Florida? Well, this 24,000 square-foot French Normandy-style chateau built on a private island near Montreal is pretty over the top, too. She’s selling it for about $29 million–take a look!

Christie Brinkley's Tower Hill Estate in the Hamptons

Christie Brinkley is single again, and she’s moving on. She’s a savvy real estate investor, with valuable properties worth around $80 million, most of them in the Hamptons. According to Newsday, “The crown jewel in Brinkley’s real estate holdings is TOWER HILL, the 11-bedroom mansion on Brick Kiln Road.” Built in 1898, it’s on the market for $30 million. The home has 11 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and an ocean view. The property is gorgeous, and there are 20 acres of it.

Artist Envisions Futuristic Fort-Like Homes Designed To Withstand Hurricanes

Lady Gaga's house. It's pretty! And normal looking! More pics here: