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7 Ways to Remove Monsanto From Your Life - Natural Living Mamma

Do your research,Zika has always been around,now they are making a vaccine? More money for the pharmaceutical companies don't be scared ,research it don't fall for the media hype.

Do you know what Monsanto is putting in your food? Shouldn't they have to warn you that they are chemically altering nature?

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When I say “farmer”, which image comes to mind?

When I say "Farmer," which image comes to mind?

GMOs Kill Bees: March Against Monsanto's photo. || GMOs are dangerous because of their reliance on chemicals such as RoundUp, not because they're genetically altered.

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Why not in america??? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That's why!!!!

Monsanto claims that GMOs and their weedkiller Roundup are perfectly safe. So why are they fighting GMO labeling in the U.S.? As the manufacturer of Agent Orange, DDT, PCPs and dioxin, Monsanto’s toxic legacy of harm to the environment and human health is without parallel.

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Processed food isn’t food…