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Preparing for a new sibling: tips to help your toddler adjust to a new baby

Preparing for a new sibling: tips to help your toddler adjust to a new baby--very good stuff here: greet your toddler with open arms--speak out loud about how the newborn will have to wait just like you will inevitably say to the toddler--announce your special time with just the toddler.

If you are getting ready to welcome another baby into your life, then you must check out these 12 postpartum reminders! {}

This past few weeks have been super challenging our little bundle is awesome and such an easy baby (way better than his brothers where at this age) but I had some complications after my C-section and developed an infection that caused me pain like I've never felt before for a couple of weeks I couldn't even walk because the pain was just too much. . I am finally starting to heal and to feel better moving is still painful but definitely not as bad as before so YAY for that! . I'm excited to…

Pockets!! I love adding them to everything I make. They are such a cute little detail, and pretty handy for storing all sorts of fun trinkets, especially the ones that kids like to stash. Today I'm going to show you how to add side seam pockets to your patterns. And so they have that nice finish you expect from Mummykins & Me patterns, they will have French seams. Plus, there is a free pocket pattern included for sizes newborn through to adult. I added my pockets to the Teatime Romper, but…

Good to know for the future :) Be wary of how you talk to your older child. Saying things like "I can't right now, I'm feeding the baby" or "Please be quiet, the baby is sleeping" may lead them to resent your newborn. Rephrase them saying something like "Go grab a book and I will read to you while we feed the baby" involving your older child in the process will save some grief.

The Muppets Solve Your Breastfeeding Problems ~ I so needed to read this!! I'm feeling less like a failure because of our breastfeeding struggles. According to this, Scarlett is a mix of "Anima"l and "Kermit" which is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. Maybe nursing will be easier next time, but for now I can keep trying as well as I can and hope for an easier nurser next baby!