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Exactly Who America needs in charge. A man of God.... who ask for the people to pray for God to heal our land. ❤ Thank you, Sir

“Memory Of A Meltdown Festival”   Hard to imagine that it was exactly twelve years ago this very night that David Bowie closed the tenth Meltdown Festival (which he also curated), with an evening called The New Heathens at The Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank. Performing both 1977’s Low album and the new release Heathen, he hadn’t gigged at the venue for thirty years, when he played the Save The Whale benefit on July 8 1972. His guest that night was Lou Reed. For the 2002 show…

Photo Gallery: Exclusive: #Reign's Royal Cast Photos!

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MTV – Redesign & Rethinking Published by Maan Ali

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As a board certified pediatrician, I took the same oath as all physicians, “to do no harm.” The latest media presentation of the measles outbreak at Disneyland as a result of unvaccinated children is very upsetting to me. We are being fed information that is essentially inaccurate by media journalists - none of whom have medical degrees - which may actually be promoting medical harm to our children.

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Q is always considered a vowel. Always.