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This is where I have been for a while. What keeps me going is looking forward to the end result :-)

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The Godfather, Part III

Not as good as the two previous films, but still, it's a wonderful closing for the trilogy.


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This is it...this is what I want to do forever...

“…If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31 #NOQUITMONDAY

the-heart-of-the-lion: Yes there is…Search for your destiny. you will know it when you find it.

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soulmate love quotes

I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And when we're together, my past seems worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you.

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The Serenity Flowchart

The Serenity Flowchart #xa #aa. #hawaiirehab

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Pretty Finger Tattoo Designs for Fashionistas

String of fate is an Asian belief that two people are connected by a string that was tied together by the gods. People are destined to develop a great friendship, fall in love, or help each other in some way. I want it as a reminder that my relation with my students and the people around me are going to continuously change, fall apart, evolve, and improve, but will always be connected. And I want mine in blue.