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tomboy-toes: “ The Roguish Brogue line of men’s dress shoes sized for women, available in black and light brown. Tomboy Toes is a seller of formal and semi-formal men’s shoes in sizes intended to fit...

"Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train" Is The Hilarious Feminist Tumblr You Need In Your Life

It's facinating (and sad) how different male and female body language is. It really reflects man's dominance in society.

Sugarscape on

Feminism means equality of the sexes. It's not man hating! Please stop letting people tell you that you don't need feminism. Brock Turners light sentence and the continuing wage inequality prove that we do. Women have fought long and hard for our right vote and be full members of society. Petra

I was called a "feminazi" the other day simply because I pointed out that women are oppressed. The person's response only made me realize how much more we need feminism. Excuse me for believing that women are people too, and deserve to be treated as such.

Yes! I hate when a guy I've already told that I'm married keeps asking me out. It's rude and the answer is still no. I have to have this convo all the time. It's ridiculous and usually the same dudes every time. I've stopped being polite about it.