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Stone Cold

Freezing cold Saturday Night at on Stone St in Downtown Manhattan.

Who didn't watch "Saturday Night Fever......LOVE THAT MOVIE......ONE OF MY…

New York Movies - (1970s - 1980s)

Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta (Tony Manero) & Karen Lynn Gorney (Stephanie). Brings back my disco memories from high school in 1977 :))

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Saturday Night Live -- I've always want to see a live taping. oh and say those famous words, live, on stage.

Saturday Night Live (October 27, 1990, NBC) — Patrick Swayze & Chris Farley Chippendales audition

Saturday Night Live (October NBC) — Patrick Swayze & Chris Farley Chippendales audition---probably the top five skits in SNL history.

"Saturday Night Live" has been without a doubt on television for 38 years, having a part in a whole culture and stunning or surprising its audiences w

Saturday Night Live Timeline, History, and Trivia. SNL Cast, Crew, and Guests over the years.

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977 oh, the amount of my youth I spent watching this movie. Tony taught me how to dance.

Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977 the first X rated film I ever saw. I was 16 and I thought Travolta was gorgeous.

TatiTati Style ★ Disco Dreams ~ 70’s fever, disco ball, bright colors, posters. inspiration: studio 54, saturday night fever, charlie’s angels.

Disco Dreams ~ fever, disco ball, Studio Saturday Night Fever, Charlie’s Angels.

Saturday Night Live cast season 2 (1976-1977)  I have loved SNL from the very start in 1975 when I was 13 yrs old!

John Belushi, Legend (26 photos)

Original Saturday Night Live Cast ~ "The Not Ready for Prime Time Players".