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sleepy bear logo | Sleepy Bear. TraveLodge. When we were little whenever we'd see sleepy bear we would sing." I hear you knockin but, you can't come in da da da da, i'm in my nightie and it's so so thin da da da da....come on in boys

from Inside Jay Dean's Brain

a couple more CAPTAIN KANGAROO memories..

Dancing Bear from Captain Kangaroo

from Etsy

62 vintage MINI PLASTIC ANIMALS Elephant, steer, cow, monkey, mermaid, giraffe, camel

i LOVED these

Phone booth..remember these things??

Bought one in 1970 for my daughter and bought another in 1980-1981 for my son. Hardly ever used. Lol. .

Nancy and Sluggo from the Sunday comics

from Etsy

Vintage 1960s String-Tie Headbands

Had these!

We had these instead of ipads or anything electronic. This is what kept us quiet for a little while