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Witch's Home - Rules of The House **A4** art print

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12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples

How many of us knew from a very young age we were Witches? Most Witches know from a young age that they are a Witch, they have a deep sense of Nature, of the Moon, knowing that there is a Goddess. Most think they are the only ones who feel this way until they grow up and realize that it is an actual religion. Then you realize this is how it was in the beginning, the way it used to be in the days of old, before barbaric Monothiestic religions tried to wipe it out.

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Ngame - African Goddess of the Soul. The tribes of Ghana see Ngame as a moon deity, and believe She created the celestial planets.

harm None P6 We have our Rede. The actual Rede is an entire document, but the last part says, “These eight words, the Rede fulfill: ‘an it harm none, do what thou will”. So the entire document is literally summed up and condensed into those eight words. The full Rede is a lovely poem that speaks of casting Circle, and where, when and how to perform ritual, but it doesn’t actually give any rules.

Earth's 10 Commandments - These are absolutely spot on and just beautiful! I would love to see these become the most common laws of all people who inhabit this Earth. I think the Native American Ten Commandments are a pretty good addition as well.