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What did you say about America and Anime?<<<RWBY isn't very good when it comes to animation and such

atomicmangos: “@starcoweek2 Starco Week 2 Day 3: Pregnancy This took longer than I thought but I don’t care! Look at the cuteness! ”

arm_behind_back black_hair blush brown_eyes brown_hair collarbone crossed_legs_(standing) dress felt flats frills galaxy green_eyes hair_between_eyes multicolored_hair original outstretched_arm outstretched_hand pantyhose pink_dress psychedelic reflection shoe_ribbon short_hair smile solo space standing star two-tone_hair

Peach Girl I think the manga is definitely better and lasts a lot longer too, however I really would have to say this show measures up to Marmalade Boy :). You know love triangles FTW! Oh, by the way the site I am attaching with it ( is really worth looking at, mostly the recommendation category! No more long searches :)

RWBY. Rooster Teeth First.. Just pissed me off. I was expecting to watch it on the release date, but nope! Gotta subscribe to Roosterteeth first! Gotta wait even longer!!!!!