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Comfort Food for a Blizzard

Comfort Food for a Blizzard Comfort food on a summer's day might mean a bowl of ice cream or a seafood salad, but what about when there is a blizzard outside? Discover which dishes get our vote as the best recipes to make during a blizzard, those which will fill the house with a delicious aroma and fill your mouth with fantastic flavor.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Kirtsaeng in copyright case:

I Bought a Lame Horse: Now What?

I Bought a Lame Horse...Now What? - Horses and The Law Blog - | Find out what legal recourse you might have against a seller after you buy a lame horse. #horses #horseownership #TheHorse

One bad marketing step is a considerable fault. A bunch of mistakes can derail the whole marketing campaign. These are six most common situations of wasting the budget and marketing efforts, some are more obvious, some are less - keep all of them in mind and avoid at all costs.

Thank you but no thank you! There is not a single communications professional out there who has not heard this sentence coming out of the mouth of a potential client. I had the pleasure to listen to something similar a couple of days ago. The nice thing is that when the shock is away........

5 Things That Make People Unfollow and What You Can Do To Stop Them

Unfollowing is a common occurrence online and it can be infuriating to understand why they left. While it's often no fault of our own, there are a few reasons why people choose to unfollow us online.