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Provocative... At first I was like nah thats really not the best wording for whatever this neofeminist pseudo intellectual quasi bumbaclot individual was tryna say...but then I was like...hmmm this kinda makes sense if Im keepin it all the way real son. They kinda shoulda said "males" instead of "men" tho. I mean the only times I even use the word "bitch" is in reference to some so called "males" namsayin. Thats my word. See the whole "male" thing is jussa chromosomal thing b. Like even…

I'm the sexy, intelligent, funny bitch who looks at fear and asks him to slow dance with me. I am a good time, no doubt. I know how to love in ways you've yet to dream about. I have my shit together, yet I'm falling apart. I am wildly insane, and serotonin starved. I am the polar opposite of "not enough," and that is a very big problem for many people. I change for no one. I am beautiful.

I Love This Shit ! Jason is a designer from Ohio, the heart of it all. In the business of getting shit done, most of his time is consumed by graduate studies and teaching.

I am so greateful that I listen to my inner red flag warning about you...I tried to be friend with you and open my heart for yu s friend but...instead I recive the most ugly act a person can do to a other person. I have seen the real ugly in you and with you.A arrogant,mean judging person that only can handle aslikers to boost your ego. You are a disgrace for spiritual people and I have totally lost my respect for you then I have heard this is the pattern you follow. In the name of love…

A dear friend of mine used the word "tribe" when referring to our close friendship a few months back and the first time I heard it it was permanently etched into my brain. Find people that get you. That you can say "you too?! I thought I was the only one!" and dance through life together with. Find those people that will be there for you through the celebrations of life and also the valleys. And when you do - when you find those few select people love them right back and let them know how…

Do you need ideas for teaching sight words? This packet is full of 12 fun activities to help your students master sight words! It includes 2 worksheets for each word. My kids love to practice their sight words with these engaging printables. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Click on the picture to download this FREE packet!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Transition Time: Word of the Day- what a great teacher video! I'll use both these ideas in my room!!

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1st Paper Anniversary Toilet Paper Gift Custom Embroidered, 'I (heart) the Poo Out of You, Your-Name-Here' Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

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The Story of a Girl

Epic Hero: Odysseus believes it is right to stand up for his men and uses all of his wit and trickery to save his soldiers from Polyphemus. This act of bravery is exactly why he is considered an epic hero. Sure, he has some pride issues, but he is only human. Many people today can be classified as "epic heroes". They may not have lengthy poems about them, but they stand up for what they believe in.