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Learn about why some people put an orange on their seder plate, and other modern additions. Six Parts of the Seder Plate Beitzah: The Roasted Egg is symbolic of the festival sacrifice made

How to Make Crispy Perfect Latkes Every Time

How to Make Perfect Crispy Latkes Every Time - Helpful Tips and Recipes for the Hanukkah Holiday on!

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these fun Hanukkah crafts. These are easy to make and fun for the whole family. Get everything you need from your local Michaels store and start crafting!


This pin is GREAT because it incorporates all holidays from many different cultures and explains it in ways younger children would understand. The printout is free and has many different activities.

There's nothing wrong with celebrating the Jewish holidays, talking Hebrew instead of English, using a prayer shawl or blowing a Jewish shofar. There's nothing wrong with celebrating Hanukkah or lighting a jewish menorah in your house. What's wrong is when we think these things have any power in them when they do not. They don't save! They don't heal! They don't deliver!

Meet the Mensch on a Bench, Hanukkah's answer to the Elf on the Shelf

Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf

Shmelf is one of Santa's most important elves. He's part of the List Checking department, and he makes sure all the good boys and girls get their presents! But when Shmelf finds out that some children are missing from Santa's list, he goes to investigate.What Shmelf uncovers is Hanukkah, a wondrous and joyful holiday that Jewish families celebrate each year. As Shmelf observes a family lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, and hearing the Hanukkah story, he sees how special the traditions…