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Conscious that we still had one last zone to visit, we didn’t spend as much time in the African zone as I would have liked, but the jaguars in the American zone more than made up for this.

Le parc des felins is home to over 25 species and sub species of the 36 feline species in the world.

"In The Golden Light."                                                       …

Resting beautiful leopard, contently laying in the shad

cheetahs--Love the babies....so cute!

Cats are cute and all, but big cats are amazing and huge and could maul you with their claws and/or teeth. Big cats are serious business. What's a big cat? Well, a lion i.

Snow Leopard

Corduroy, The Oldest Living Domestic Cat In The World’s

Ocelot cat is an exotic wild cat with its origins in South America, although these cats can be found even in states like Texas. Ocelot cats are.