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This man did NOT want pickles on his hamburger.

A New York man is building his own sovereign nation called Zaqistan on a remote piece of land in Utah.

from NBC News

World's tallest man to marry

World's tallest man to marry - PhotoBlog

from ABC News

Man Deliberately Scuttles 'Pay It Forward' Starbucks Line

PHOTO: Peter Schorsch deliberately ended a "Pay It Forward" line at Starbucks today because he thought people were doing it out of guilt, no...

from The Huffington Post

Dear 'Daddy' In Seat 16C

"Querido "Papá" del asiento 16C": La conmovedora historia de Shanell Mouland que se ha hecho viral

Man using 'blowtorch' to kill spider started fire

from Delish

7 Things You Didn't Know About SPAM

1) The Name is Still a Mystery

"Feisty" may not be enough of a description to do Opal Phelps justice. The 92-year-old woman was sound asleep when a masked thief broke into her Jasper County, Texas, home through a kitchen window.

from Fox News

Dumped woman spends a week in KFC to get over ex

Many depressed people order in but one woman decided to take her heartbreak public. Dumped woman spends a week in KFC to get over ex....

Female Occidental College students, faculty and alumni — 37 of them — filed a federal complaint arguing that the Los Angeles school improperly handled sex crimes on campus. The complaint claims the school often covered up rapes or distributed minor punishments for non-minor offenses. One allegation is that the college punished a student found responsible for raping a woman by making him write a five-page book report. Um ... A FIVE-PAGE BOOK REPORT? Oh, its OK; he wrote five pages and now hes