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A New York man is building his own sovereign nation called Zaqistan on a remote piece of land in Utah.

Female Occidental College students, faculty and alumni — 37 of them — filed a federal complaint arguing that the Los Angeles school improperly handled sex crimes on campus. The complaint claims the school often covered up rapes or distributed minor punishments for non-minor offenses. One allegation is that the college punished a student found responsible for raping a woman by making him write a five-page book report. Um ... A FIVE-PAGE BOOK REPORT? Oh, its OK; he wrote five pages and now hes

"Feisty" may not be enough of a description to do Opal Phelps justice. The 92-year-old woman was sound asleep when a masked thief broke into her Jasper County, Texas, home through a kitchen window.

What were your chores when you were 9 years old? Prepare to feel wimpy. Richard Turere of Kenya watched over the familys livestock outside of Nairobi, a task which included keeping the animals safe from roaming lions. But while he slept, the hungry lions would hunt. I grew up hating lions very much, he says. Richard, however, didnt want them killed. So, realizing that the lions were afraid of moving lights, he invented an automated system of moving lights for the farm. The nighttime attacks

Would you share a hotel room with a stranger to pay half-price? A new website aims to help solo travelers with a sense of adventure to shack up with other solo travelers — and split the cost of a hotel room. Easynest.

Too Many Young People Are Being Turned Away From Mental Health Services, Report Finds

Too Many Young People Are Being Turned Away From Mental Health Services, Report Finds - BuzzFeed News