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2" and 1" "triangles on a roll"...this is one of my very favourite quilts...I had so much fun de stashing. If you haven't tried Triangles on a Roll" then you need to find them, because I wouldn't make half square triangles any other way...

9 - Here is a fun way to use lots of patterned paper! Be inspired by this quilt to use lots of skinny paper strips along the edge(s) of your page. - 2 pts.

Would have loved this when the kids were in 4-H! Sheep quilt..Sometimes you just need to have fun with a quilt...

"I will not buy anymore fabric until I use my fabric stash at home." I said. Then I laughed and laughed.

Pattern by Sue Garmin Karina Carson Oh my heavens. This is my quilt. I wonder which one of my flickr friends posted this here. It's called the Oh My Gosh quilt and it took me a year. Those little squares are 1 inch unfinished/ 1/4 inch finished.