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Easy Slaying Pink, Glittery Gold, & Polka Dots Nail Tutorial - If you have a design in mind you want to see let me know below! FINALLY got my nails to grow pretty long! I have anxiety and it causes me to bite my nails off and most of the time I don’t even realize I’ve bitten a nail off until it’s in my mouth. My anxiety also causes me to bite my lips. Anyway, I figured since they’re lo

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Nail Klub: A Jolly Lumberjack Manicure! -

Nail Klub: A Jolly Lumberjack Manicure! I really want to try this, but if I did, my nails would distract me all day!

Hard As Nails | Sally Hansen this stuff has helped my nails soooo much. after biting them for 20ish years, i've finally stopped but my nails were thin, weak and damaged. after just a week my nails are noticeably stronger.

I've been really into painting my nails lately, and have been building my nail polish collection. I needed a way to organize it all, but preferred a system that I could pick up and take with me if ...

nails, nailcare, beauty, cosmetics, How TIPS has helped my nails become strong, yet flexible. I can do all my household chores and barn work as well as garden work without having to worry about my nails.

Galaxy nail art using Masura polish - Cobalt Damassé, Sapphire Of Heaven and Lilac Angelite, topped with My Private Rainbow (X) by ILNP