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Bull Moose Fight Photograph by Michael Jones Other North American parks have their wildlife, but none has animals so visible or diverse as Denali. Aggressive bull moose often spar with their antlers during breeding season while fighting for females, called cows.

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Moose in the woods ~

Yup...and this one can lay on my shore.

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For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

He’s got a really tight-knit and fun group of friends. | For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Moose From "Step Up"

Its almost moose time in Algonquin :) Cant wait to pay my first visit a the park this year hoping to spot some male moose! I wasnt ready for this shot. Wasnt wearing the proper outfit and my camera well packed into my bag but when you spot a huge animal across a pond in the middle of a forest you cant stop and walk into the water to take a picture :) Yup I ruined my shoes but I didnt really care. The animal kept making eye contact and that was the heat I needed to warm up my cold feet ;)…

moose - A mature male moose is referred to as a bull; a mature female moose is a cow; and an immature moose of either sex is a calf.