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Hello. Sorry for the lack of action recently, and thank you for all the marvellous comments from everyone relating to the last post. You'r...

Read to Dream

I'll read my BOOKS and I'll drink COFFEE and I'll listen to MUSIC and I'll bolt the DOOR. - J.D. Salinger #book #quotes #wisdom

Hottest Celeb Men in Uniform

Hottest Celeb Men in Uniform Pictures - Tom Cruise -

One must have a touch of madness to be truly's true! I know from personal experience....and I am not boasting. Just telling it like it is!

I remember that from Books-a-Million, where the printed thing from their website for 'Gray' said: "Lead singer of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz--"

BTS Reactions

Ilusões proficionais para você! #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad