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Non-Custodial Parent | Abuctions by Non-Custodial Parents up 50 Percent in Last Year

Non-Custodial Parent | The Four Parts of Georgia Divorce: Child Support

Non-Custodial Parent | Department of Justice: Parental Child Abduction: Threat Of Violence ...

Don't Let Your Kids Play Outside or The State will Kidnap Your Children

Non-Custodial Parent Qoutes | Not all non-custodial parents are "deadbeats." New blog!

"Captivated - the Movie" - a review of the award-winning film on finding freedom in a media captive culture. A must watch for every parent!

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More Than Books: The Best Kept Secret in Your Town

Your local library is a haven for more than just borrowing a few books. Rediscover this pillar of the community and enjoy all the FREE benefits. Here are 9 ways the library can be thrifty and fun!