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17 Images Recovered from Destroyed Cameras

memes that make you LOL IRL - Page 132

Do people who pay for therapy know they can eat frosting straight out of a container?

Okay but this is legit. If that person really is a hero they will let you do your villainous extra credit tbh

Arguing with a lawyer is like wrestling a pig in mud: sooner or later you realize that they like it.

Welcome to Tumblr! And Sherlockians will deduce you as soon as you enter. If they don't like what they find...well..then you'll meet the Supernatural fandom.

College student's struggle

Don't let this be you!! Come to our workshop too me your plan!!!

Or when you steal something by accident and every wants to murder you... I find it SO logical (sarcasm) when you steal something stupid or with no value and they're like "You'll pay for that!" and I'm just like "What? It's just a bunch of junk, why you so angry?"

VETERANS!! HOW DID THE GOP TREAT OUR HEROES?? REPUGS CUT VETERANS PAY, JOBS BILL, HOMELESS BILL, SS+OTHER PROGRAMS FOR VETS!! ~ They all lie so well don't they! You just watch and they'll blame it on President Obama and his administration. They think we're all idiots. Well the jokes on them! And as far as our Vet's go; they're ALL HERO'S and a lot tougher & smarter than the GOP!