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Coriander seeds are pungent, bitter and sweet and warming in energy while fresh coriander leaves are cooling in energy. Coriander is an excellent remedy for digestion as it enkindles the digestive fire without increasing acidity. It is also good for treating abdominal pain, nausea, IBS, colic, flatulence, griping and bloating. The powder of the seed is also used for worms in children. Coriander has an affinity with the urinary tract and is useful in the case of cyctitis, dysuria.

Fresh cilantro is the herb of choice for aggravated pitta. It is hypoallergenic, cooling, improves eyesight, and can be found just about everywhere. It also softens stool, and is a diuretic that clears inflammation from the urinary tract. Cilantro aids digestion, acts as a carminative preventing gas, and burns ama (residue and waste products).