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Rub Rub Rub sea salt and mimosa shower wash Rub Rub Rub is a bit of a variation on the normal shower gel. For one, it’s so thick we put it into a tub for handy scooping in the shower. Secondly, it’s a bright blue, supremely softening, exfoliating sea salt shower scrub to revive your skin. Sea salt is extra cleansing, mineral-rich and softening for the body; you can even use it as a shampoo in a pinch! Our rubby scrub is startlingly refreshing, with a dash of lemon juice and the t

Santas belly shower jelly is a great shower jelly it has fresh cut apples in it golden stars and a special ingredient a pink rose it leaves your skin clean and smooth get it quick before they are sold out or not sold any more!!!

Needles And Pines- jelly made from softening carrageenan extract. An infusion of pine needles and cypress leaf combines with pine nut oil to create the scents of verdant Finnish woodlands while transporting your mind to a peaceful place

it contains Stardust a bath bomb it has really good reviews it also contains a fun and santa's belly shower jelly get it before christmas or they will get sold out.

Santa Fun Fun  Santa Claus kit! He's making a list, he's checking it twice... bubbles, soap and shampoo in one? Tick! First, build your own jolly Saint Nick with all the colors in this Fun bar, then use a little to wash up with. The calming jasmine and ylang ylang fragrance lasts on the skin, leaving you feeling comfy and cozy long after your bath.

Beautiful Shower Gel  If you feel anything less than a vision of loveliness in the morning, this peachy keen shower gel is the one for you. A blend of warming and exotic myrrh resinoid brings a sensual musk to the sunny perfume of fresh peach juice and dried apricots, and feels sensationally soft on the skin. Adorn yourself in the rich, creamy lather of this warm, floral tonic to feel gorgeous, inside and out.

snowman shower jelly- Getting clean shouldn't be boring! Wibble and wobble this snowman-shaped Shower Jelly all over your body for a fun and fragrant showertime experience - just the thing to banish the gloom of gray winter days. Made with a fruity blend of buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils in a softening base of carrageenan seaweed and glycerin, this uplifting sudser will leave you smelling fresh and feeling soft. What's not to love?

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