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You will need access to free weights and a treadmill. Cardio and Strength Training (45mins) do 2-3x/week

from Her Campus

The Best Workout For Your Body Type

The Best Workout For Your Body Type: Cardio: 5-7 days/week Try the elliptical machine for 30-60 minutes, Weight Room Exercises: 2-3 days/week Crunches, Triangle Pushups, Hammer Curls, Tricep Extension, Pilates/Yoga

Girl, Get Your Lift On: Why Ladies Should Lift Weights + 3x week beginner plan

from Fitness Magazine

The Drop a Jeans Size Workout

Drop a Jeans Size Workout. This plan is designed to slim you all over but especially targets your abs, butt and thighs.Part 1: Toning--Do 2 sets of these toning exercises twice a week. What You'll Need: A set of 3 to 8 pound dumbbells and a stability ball (or a bench) Part 2: Cardio--trimming cardio sessions (three times a week to downsize your denim in 28 days.

elliptical workout **UPDATE 10/25/13** I have yet to really complete this honestly because it burns BUT after 2 weeks my butt is already looking and feeling tighter!!!! :D

STRONGER Month 2 Strength Workout: STEEL

Your 8 Week #FriskyFall Fitness Challenge!

this really does work! I did this every night before I went to sleep and dropped a pant size in three weeks!