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“A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography,” at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, reveals a monarch who quickly adopted a new art form and used it for her own purposes. Queen Victoria, May 15, 1860. Philip Gefter writes, “Fame may seem a 20th-century phenomenon, but Queen Victoria was the first public figure to exploit its promotional potential and the earliest — and least likely — international celebrity of the photographed world.”

Photographer Snaps Up Year-End Opportunities Award-winning photographer Mark Alexander is finishing 2016 in style by exhibiting his work through a unique collaboration with a leading public figure while also launching a multi-platform website (http://ift.tt/2fRpejS). It concludes an eventful year for the Scottish photographer who has completed a portfolio of impressive projects alongside launching a fine-art print service. Alexander who is based in the Kingdom of Fife but travels the world…

“Deep in the redwoods forest of northern California lies a dark and strange encampment known as the Bohemian Grove. Started in 1878, the Grove became a retreat for the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men to practice drunken debauchery and bizarre rituals out of the scrutiny of media and the public eye. Rumors of politicians, media moguls, and even US presidents meeting in secret and performing peculiar pagan rituals and mock human sacrifices surrounded the Grove for over a century. The…

Nicholas Kristof is an American journalist & winner of 2 Pulitzers...he has "rewritten opinion journalism" focusing on human rights abuse, social change, the importance of education, the value of women...his book "Half The Sky" should be read by every woman...& he doesn't just write, he travels & LISTENS...he walks the walk.

The Little People project by Slinkachu has grown a significant following over the years with periodic blog updates, gallery shows and even a book of miniature adventures. Sometimes they are slain by forces of the larger world and at other times these tiny individuals take advantage of their surroundings

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