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"There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" Robert F. Kennedy

“If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

"These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people, and now that they have got into a quarrel with themselves we are called upon to appropriate the people's money to settle the quarrel." ... Abraham Lincoln (

Teddy Roosevelt Speak Softly Quote Archival Photo Poster

Viktor Emil Frankl, MD, PhD (26 March 1905 – 2 September 1997)[1][2] was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. Frankl was the founder of logotherapy, which is a form of existential analysis, the "Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy". His best-selling book, Man's Search for Meaning

11 inspiring quotes from Abraham Lincoln on liberty, leadership, and character