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1st in the series of Teenage Dinosaurs for by fromtheheartofdixie, $1.25

I pinned this 2 this board cuz Jules and I have an inside joke involving potatoes. And my moms always telling us wer'e beautiful. Ugh Corny I know

pandoran-tales: Snippit from a fic my friend keeps encouraging me to write, and that I really must finish one day. Any excuse for me to mess around with Tim and his perception of reality is fine by me~ —- FUCK, GUYS! THIS IS NOT RHYS!!IF I SEE RHYS TAGGED IN THIS AGAIN I’M GOING TO STRANGLE SOMEONE!!!Look at the freaking art and tag properly! (DO NOT TAG AS KIN)

Cassandra. 21. Romanian Canadian artist and lazy fairy. Contact:

Sorry this isn't art, I just want to see how many others deal with this problem XD

Que gracioso!! ❥Teresa Restegui❥

K dramas. Haha totally me and my friend when watching to the beautiful you :)

Oh my gosh this is my life.. "I tried to study but I decided instead to eat a mango and go swimming" like that is me

This happened to me one time a few years ago, and the pencil went so far in that it stayed there. It's my unintentional tattoo. My friend has one in the EXACT SAME SPOT, too.