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A Song Of Ice and Fire: Book One - Game of Thrones

Still a TON of work to do and stuff to fix, but the first sketch for my Mucha Inspired Inner Circle piece is done! :) (just to clarify, no it’s not part of the colouring book - just personal!)



Someone is murdered on the cruise ship you're on. Passengers are told to lock themselves in their cabins and await instructions. The captain speaks from the ships PA system, "The first contestant has fallen. Only 5,132 remain." With that, the doors all click and swing open.

Chapter Books 1st Graders Love, first grade, chapter books, literacy, reading, read aloud

Books of the Bible Lapbook Game Players learn the 66 books of the Bible and the 10 divisions while playing a game! 87 Bible trivia questions help them learn.

““You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre.” ” Feyre Cursebreaker Now her face feels right to me and I had so much fun with her clothes (pretty much how I picture her very first Night Court outfit).

I am using this idea for SM- Draw Your Sword Game...I will put SM verses/keyword on knife, have a student draw one, the rest have to race to locate it. First person to find it, will then pick the next one. This will help familiarize them with where the SM are, then we can focus on memorizing them later.

Gerald's Game; One of the first Stephen King books I ever read, and by far my favorite! If you ever happen to pick this book up, push through the first parts, closer to the end is where things get interesting!; Psychological thriller

The new adult edition book covers of The Hunger Games.