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Comforting hodgepodge plate-o-stuff by @marquisderad GC the Art of Cafeteria Lady Plating delicious sustenance. Pairs well w/ after skool @nintendo sessions home run derbies Sunny-D the purple stuff baseball card trading & drinking water straight outta the garden hose. Dibs on the #AuGratin corner piece!!! #GraffitiCookery | G | #ComfortFood _ by graffiticookery

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6 Tips for Plating Your Dishes Like a Restaurant Chef

Food Presentation: 6 Tips for Plating Your Dishes Just Like a Restaurant Chef


Terribly Beautiful: Industrial Pollution Seen From Above

BLECH. (J Henry Fair/ TIME Magazine) Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada A containment pond holds tar sands tailings, consisting of a mixture of sand, water, and toxic chemicals that remain after the unrefined oil products have been extracted

All straight seams ... no curves, no applique. Must learn this technique.

Hundertwasser- Blobs grow in beloved gardens. "We are in need of magic I fill a picture until it is full with magic, as one fills up a glass with water."

I would LOVE to do a shoot like this myself at the beach. was a dance model for a photographer doing shots like this before and it was one of the best things I've done!

There's just something about finding an old water mill in the little towns I visit! Its a magical treasure hunt for my hubs and I :)

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How to Create Parabolic Curves Using Straight Lines

Como criar curvas parabólicas usando linhas retas. tutorial para a arte de seqüência de caracteres - um pouco mais avançado!

Paint Like Monet: A Beginner's Guide great video explains the influence of new inventions on the art of the impressionist.