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Reaching for the light

Spanish photographer Pep Ventosa fuses multiple snapshots of iconic landmarks – such as the Sydney Opera House and the Golden Gate – to form densely layered pictures that are rich in details and yet look wonderfully sketchy.

The Collective Snapshot is actually a series of photographs where images “blend together dozens of snapshots to create an abstraction of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen.” by Spanish photographer Pep Ventosa

Do the right thing, and when you have to defend your actions, you'll have all the right answers, and pride in what you have done. On the other hand, crazy people can't see that they're crazy and they always think they're right.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticised anyway. (the rest - You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.) --Eleanor Roosevelt---so true!

Wright's Law on Vimeo

what a wonderful video about unconditional love Jeffrey Wright is an amazing physics teacher and the father of a special needs son. "Wright's Law" by Western Kentucky Photojournalism. Video By: Zack Conkle

Good Morning Sunshine,  As I arise this moring Trials are all around You know all about them, God But by Your love I am bound.   There is not one thing That You don't know about I know You are by my side And that I will never doubt.   I can't even imagine Living one moment without You Life itself would overtake me And there'd be nothing I could do.   I would sink beneath the weight Of a hurting heart Of cares and trials From which I could not part.   But Your strength fills me And it helps…

I looked at my latest pins and realized that there is too much of the sumptuous orange colour. I wanted something weightless and blue. This photo with blue ocean in the background and blue flowers in the foreground is right for my wishes.


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ireland | Ben Bulben at County Sligo Ireland

26 Interesting Facts About Ireland

Ben Bulben, sometimes spelt Benbulben or Benbulbin (from the Irish: Binn Ghulbain), is a large rock formation in County Sligo, Ireland. It is part of the Dartry Mountains, an area sometimes called “Yeats Country”.

Dragonfly in the rain

PHOTOS: 2011 National Geographic Contest Winners

National Geographic Grand-Prize Winner and Nature Winner, Photo and caption by Shikhei Goh. Arrows of rain seem to pelt a dragonfly in Indonesia's Riau Islands in "Splashing,” the winning image of the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest.

A portion of the Barnes Ice Cap near its south-eastern end

Canada's Oldest Ice Is Melting Away Due to Climate Change The Barnes Ice Cap is a remnant of the Laurentide Ice Sheet that once covered Canada during the Ice Age. Human-driven climate change is pushing it to the point of no.

Il Ponte di Rialto.   This is so cool!!

Il Ponte Di Rialto by Pep Ventosa, made by taking dozens of found snapshots of the most popular tourist destinations.