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Creating a Community | Tales of a 6th Grade Classroom

Balloon Tower: teams get balloons and scotch tape, must plan and build tallest free standing balloon tower without taping balloons to the floor.

Soccer Ball Transfer Team Building- Balance a ball on a ring held by strings. Groups have to hold the strings while walking to transfer balls to a box.

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Tennis Ball Transfer requires a large metal washer and a tennis ball (we used a roll of sellotape and ping pong balls) for each group. The groups have to hold the strings and get the ball in the cup.

Tales of a 6th Grade Classroom: Creating a Community

Tales of a Grade Classroom: Creating a Community

Building a classroom community is very important and is an indicator of success. Icebreakers and other activities are important to implement during the first days of a new school year. It is important for all students to feel welcome and a part of their small community which actually a part of an even bigger one. Feeling comfortable will help create resilient learners that have confidence in sharing their ideas without fear of being judged.

Ice breaking activities for the first few days of school to help build a community atmosphere.

Tales of a 6th Grade Classroom: Get to Know Your Students with These First Week of School Activities!

Ah, a new school year! I've spent weeks preparing, and this week I finally got to meet my new students. Of course, teaching the old.

Definitely a great idea to have pictures up of all the students next to the classroom community reminders or classroom norms.

MORNING MEETING One pare of having good morning meetings is to have a classroom community. Create a classroom community is key to a successful year! I might add a part that says "i promise" be safe, be respectful, be responsible

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6th grade classroom pictures 2011-2012

Adventures of a Grade Teacher - Miss Klohn - "I am a first year grade Language Arts teacher who always thought I would find myself in the lower elementary grades.