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How I Graduated College with $100k... in savings. By Will Lipovsky

from The Stingy Saver

Save Money For A House

52 week saving plan to save for a house or whatever you would like to spend $5000.00 on.

365 Day Saving Money Challenge - Variation on the 52 week challenge. Instead of saving big amounts every week, you save pennies every day for a total of $667.95 by the end of the year. Perfect for this who can't make he financial commitment of the 52 week challenge

52 Week Money Saving Challenge 26 Week Double

from Frugal Living Mom

Frugal Living with

Want more money to spend on the stuff you LOVE?? It is easy when you spend less on the stuff you do not love. Check out over 200 easy ways to save money. Frugal Living Mom has the answers for you. #savemoney

from Live Like You Are Rich

Why and How I Was Taught to Be Frugal

Why & How a Daughter & Granddaughter of Multi-Millionaires Was Taught to Be Frugal


6 Steps To Becoming Debt Free On Any Income -

You Brew My Tea: 6 Steps To Becoming Debt Free On Any Income

52 week money challenge ... broken down weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly

7 Baby steps to financial peace. In no way am I promoting to pay for this but the seven steps (free info) can put your mind in motion

Finding Financial Peace: How I plan on saving an extra $1000 in 2015