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GOP Rep. Steps Up, Says Rejecting Refugees Makes Us ‘Like ISIS’ #worldtogether #globalunity

APC Bola Boss Bukola Man News Nigeria Onushaibu Politics Saraki Strong Tinubu APC chieftain Bola Tinubu congratulated Senator Bukola Saraki Bola Tinubu congratulated Senator Bukola Saraki after the charges against him by the federal government was dropped. However he told the senator that there is more work to be done urging him to use his position to better the lives of Nigerians. His open letter reads;To bring the progressive change the APC vowed to the people of this nation will require…

STOCK fraud? Reporters miss a chance to expose Congress’s weak rationale for an ethics rule rollback By Sasha Chavkin Monday, Pres. Obama quietly signed a bill repealing major provisions of the ethics law known as the STOCK Act. After a 60 Min. report on insider trading in Congress, the STOCK Act banned members of Congress & senior executive & legislative officials from trading based on govt knowledge. The law directed that many of these officials’ financial disclosure forms be posted…

"Social equity is based on justice; politics change on the opinion of the time. The black man's skin will be a mark of social inferiority so long as white men are conceited, ignorant, unjust, and prejudiced. You cannot legislate these qualities out of the white - you must steal them out by teaching, illustration, and example.John Boyle O'", Reilly

Infographic: The #College Vote (#politics and voting habits of college students & younger voters)

Infographic: The #College Vote (#politics and voting habits of college students & younger voters)

I like that this is set up for the whole week. The students would keep it and…

Democrats Introduce Legislation to Completely BAN the REDSKINS -- More Politically Correct B.S. from the Democrat terrorists. The D.C. Council will consider banning racially based nicknames for public schools in the nation’s capital. Democratic Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie introduced a bill Tuesday that would force seven schools in the District of Columbia to change nicknames referring to American Indians. [...] 09/25

The Politics of Mexico take place in a framework of a federal presidential representative democratic republic whose government is based on a congressional system, whereby the president of Mexico is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system. The federal government represents the United Mexican States and is divided into three branches: executive, legislative and judicial, as established by the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

MediSwipe Inc. Announces New Legislation in Oregon & Nevada to Legalize, Legitimize Cannabis Dispensaries as Massachusetts Moves Toward Final Stages of Approval|

Ending culture of gender-based violence in Guatemala: Despite the improvements in legislation to sanction Violence Against Women (VAW) & increased awareness about the issue, the next big struggle is prevention. It’s not enough to simply punish perpetrators, we need to put an end to the global culture that normalizes gender-based violence & downplays the suffering it causes.