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Today I started a new painting. I've been feeling unsettled because of the recent losses this week. Such creative people and minds are just gone and it's sad to think that we'll never see or hear them again. So this painting is me trying to work out my feelings of mortality and creativity. #sad #new #painting #oilpainting #davidbowie #alanrickman #lost #feelings #expression by camilladerrico

1) Start with natural fibers. Our beach house bathroom staples are our La Jolla storage baskets made with hand-wrapped seagrass or rattan pendants. 2) Keep it light. Bright towels like our banded border collection will fit in perfectly with a beach house look. 3) Don't forget your walls by adding local art you love! Bright coastal landscapes can make any bathroom feel like it is right on the beach.

Oh hey! I didn’t notice you there. I was busy cutting these gorgeous fresh flowers in my kitchen. As a dedicated Emily reader, you know by now that I spent a great deal of last year renovating a condo with my handsome French boyfriend Edouard. Actually, we didn’t really do anything. Our contractor Octavio did... Read More …

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