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Fort Washington, PA

Patients enjoy sumptuous premium steaks with no pain, no motion and no chewing issues. Dining pleasure is restored with dental implants and comfortable teeth.

Safeguarding the Dental Implant Smile: The fruits of having a healthy smile are immeasurable and the value of self-confidence is astounding. A dental implant procedure can take years off one’s aging appearance and brighten the face. It can restore not only the health of the mouth but can be the key to whole body wellness and a bounty of fresh energy. Patients who are faithful to hygiene visits and check-ups and who carefully maintain clean mouths ensure implant success.

Many busy Americans simply overlook the enormous significance of a healthy smile and treat their teeth on the same plane as they treat their nails. Some don’t understand that teeth are rooted in bone and that the bone in the mouth is intricately connected to the rest of the skeleton. Profound illness can emanate from abscessed teeth. Systemic diseases with fever, serious digestive disorders and recurrent heart failure have all been repeatedly traced to tooth infection.

Fort Washington, PA

Dental Implants in Philadelphia Making “Wildcat” Smiles discusses the kick off of National Prosthodontics Awareness Week at Pi Dental Center in Fort Washington.

In 2015, Pi Dental Center remains focused on delivering radiant smiles using the highest quality dental restorations with dental implants, AvaDent dentures and 3D imaging technology.

Teeth In A Day Dental Implant Treatment shortens treatment time for busy active people. Article discusses the concept of time and dental care.

Fort Washington, PA

The AvaDent® dental prosthesis is futuristic, digitally formatted, milled, time efficient and cost effective solution to make patients smile

In 2014 Pi Dental Center made a difference for patients delivering new smiles with dental implants, transforming lives and doing scientific research.

Pi Dental Center

Even before dental implant protocols allowed for radical smile restoration in a single visit, the critical eye and skillful hands of a prosthodontist could create very esthetic, youthful, male and female crowns, bridges and veneers. In this specialty lies not only a strong blend of science and architecture to ensure the longevity of dental function, but also the artistic grasp of what is most appropriate to enhance the appearance of every face.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! View special holiday offer at Pi Dental Center.