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cancer likes sticking with people that can be trusted and also create memories that can last a lifetime, Yes!

That also means the kraken lives there! :'D Lol I love my sign ♋!

That also means the kraken lives there! :'D Lol I love my sign ♋!

Even if I'm having a good time, there's that thought lurking in the back of my mind that I could possibly enjoy myself a lot more doing something else

Cancer spends about half of their life enjoying the social or more interactive scene and the other half in a reclusive, 'I-want-to-be-left-alone' state. For them, it is very pivotal to have a balance between these two spectrums.

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Yes... A brain and a huge heart! :)

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So true

You can drive a Cancer crazy by remaining stone-faced. They need human response – laugh, cry get angry….do something!

Cancer Zodiac Sign greatest fear is having their trust broken.

Cancer Zodiac Sign women have a tendency to feel unappreciated. But she so much

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My crush(who is also cancer) shared food with me and wouldn't with anyone else so I shared food with him


The Horoscope App As a Cancer once something sinks into your mind you never forget that shit.

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If I was born a day earlier this would be my sign. I think I'm really a cancer. Amy have your chart drawn up, you probably have planets in Cancer, moon conjunct a personal planet or lots of planets in house.