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The Genetics of Green

The Genetics of Green

Natalia Castellar Calvani

Natalia Castellar: model bullied for bushy brows lands deal with leading model agency

Suzy graces the islands of Hawaii wearing 'Cartier' jewelry in 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial | allkpop.com

Suzy graces the islands of Hawaii wearing 'Cartier' jewelry in 'Cosmopolitan' pictorial

Suzy looks stunning for her new Cosmopolitan photo shoot Famous France brand, Cartier, released photos of Miss A’s Suzy from her recent photo shoot.

English Royal Crown...I would wear this... lol

British Crown Jewels: The Imperial State Crown is high, weighs and is set with over precious stones, including the 317 carat Cullinan II diamond.

Reasons for swollen #tongue i.#Infection ii.#Inflammation iii.#Allergy iv.#Genetic

There are times when a white-coated tongue is brought about by an underlying medical condition.Some potential causes include lupus, oral thrush (candidia.

DNA and Carl Sagan quote. Work is done by Shawn  from "skin of a different color" tattoo shop.There is more work to be done.

DNA and one of my favorite quotes by Carl Sagan added to the stars on my leg. Work is done by Shawn Coalman from “Skin of a different color” tattoo shop in Aurora, IL. There is more work to be done with more Scientific awesomeness and I can not wait!

Celtic Gold Lunulae from Vizeu, Portugal

e-Keltoi: Volume The Celts in Portugal, by Teresa Júdice Gamito