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2015-Year of the Sheep / Ram Chinese Calendar Wall Scroll measured: 28" x 12 1/2" from top to bottom DLaw

Fragment Depicting The Head of a Ram, Origin: The Mediterranean Circa: 30 BC to 100 AD Dimensions: 6.75” (17.1cm) high x 4.25” (10.8cm) wide Collection: Classical Medium: Marble

Mongolia innocence -- ....All the little Mongolian girl photos I've seen are fantastic. Something about them is like being pinched and waking up. Like a finger stuck into your soul and opening those other eyes. Kids are (add any positive adjective)

The Icelandic sheep is a direct descendant of the sheep that early Viking settlers brought to the island. Today there are more sheep than people in Iceland, so you may very well see them in the country side, while visiting Iceland on vacation. As with many things in Iceland they benefit from the sheltering isolation of the island, as diseases are kept away. The pure air and environment makes the landscape, that it grass in clean, and the meat tender. Here is a ram in the green Icelandic…

Navajo Churro Ram. The Navajo Churro sheep is the oldest U.S. breed with the most animals located in New Mexico. They were imported to North America in the 16th century to feed Spanish armies. This breed is hardy and adaptable, intelligent, has delicate meat, and double coat wool for yarn used in Navajo weaving. Churro thrived in the Southwest and were kept by the Navajo along the Rio Grande Valley in the 17th century. They became an important part of Navajo culture,