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10 Sensual Goddess Commandments 1. Thou shalt know you are a goddess. 2. Thou shalt love yourself first. 3. Thou shalt treat your body as a shrine. 4. Remember sacred sex, keep it holy. 5. Honor the sacred feminine and masculine energies. 6. Thou shalt not ignore your intuition. 7. Thou shalt speak your truth. 8. Thou shalt have an open loving heart. 9. Thou will experience pleasure every day. 10. Thou shalt twirl in orgasmic juiciness. By Lady Shepsa

This page gives teachings on the third ray or the 3rd ray, that is, the pink ray, the pink flame or the pink light.

This page gives teachings on twin rays or twin flames. Our twin ray or twin flame is the one we were created with, and our soul mate(s) are spiritual classmate(s).