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Could YOU be the bully? Think about it. Read through this flow chart and be honest with yourself. Even if you may not "bully" in the exact same way as mentioned, could YOU be the bully?? Be honest.

"honestly, I hold in a lot. When I'm upset, I really don't like to tell anyone, especially the person who made me that way. No matter how much anyone asks, the answer will always be, 'I'm fine' even if it's not true." -- yes, the majority of the time this is true for me; when I do voice my feelings, know they are very true & very strong to be pushed to the point I let it out - that could be a good or bad thing!


Ecstasy Models

I looked at your page and I am a little bit worried about you. so if you ever feel like you can't handle it anymore , I'm still here ...

mostly with harry potter or percy jackson bc i mean... how could you NOT have read ATLEAST harry potter

this could be hilarious. Just picture it. "What are you doing?" "Selling corn dogs. Want one?" "I'm dead. You know that." "Whoops sorry. Now are you gonna help me get this body or what?" "I'M DEAD HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU I CAN'T PICK STUFF UP" "bro chill out and eat a corn dog. Wait..." "THAT'S IT, BUDDY I'LL KILL YOU SO YOU CAN SHARE IN MY ENDLESS SUFFERING" "how you gonna do that if you can't touch me?" "I swear..." "Go keep watch while I load grandpa here in the truck."

ahh memories of our two rad drum majors wearing a horse and unicorn head while conducting and waiting to see how many people they could get to choke on a mouth piece or swallow a reed from laughing so hard

A beautiful family of orca whales swim together. What Would Captive Orcas Tell Us If They Could Talk? Empty the tanks!! Sick, horrific drilling of their teeth! Inbreeding. Orca. Killer whale. Captivity kills. Boycott marine parks. Get the facts. Protect our majestic oceans and sea life! Sustainable world!