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Famous Inventions in History You Had All Wrong - Part 2

You Probably Thought Steve Jobs Invented the Personal Computer and Thomas Edison Invented the Light Bulb. NOPE.

Días Festivos en México............ - patty_patito

Días Festivos en México............ : 01 Enero - inicio del año nuevo 06 Enero - día de reyes y enfermeros 05 Febrero - la constitución mexicana 14 Febrero - Amor y Amistad 24 Febrero - día de la bandera 21 Marzo - natalicio de Benito Juárez e inicio de la primavera Mzo ó Abril - semana santa, miercoles de ceniza, domingo de ramos, domingo de pascua, jueves, viernes santo, sabado de gloria 30 abril - día del ...

From green products to solar energy gadgets, environment friendly inventions are continuing to help our everyday lives. Check out our #blog at

Creating an elevator pitch could give you enough time to keep your product on an attendee’s mind. #blog

21st Century Women Inventors and Innovators Taking the Lead

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7 Signs You’re an Inventor

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Great Inventors You Haven't Heard Of

Strange and Crazy Habits of 5 Famous Inventors and CEOs

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