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Based in Jacksonville, FL, United States, Brandon Kidwell studied English/Philosophy and worked in Corporate Finance with an artistic outlet of beautiful double exposure photography.

Helen Sear....    Google Image Result for

Helen Sear.... Google Image Result for

These Emotion-filled Double Exposure Photography Are Just Stunningly Beautiful

****Aneta Ivanova- Her works a lot of time use birds and a face. I have always loved things merging and becoming something else, and I love that it's birds and a face. She merges them so flawlessly that it makes you really look at the image and break it apart to see what steps she took and how she did it. It's a truly amazing image and I love that you can see the detail of the bird all the way through, even on the lips.

Photo Inspiration: 20+ of the best double exposure portraits i've ever seen


The photoshop use is beautifully done in this photo. The native woman in her native land is beautiful.