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10 scary facts about lyme disease Infographic

10 scary facts about lyme disease Infographic

Lyme Disease Awareness Month 2013 Please become educated, because anyone can contract the disease. Speaking from a person that was infected June of 2009

What's crazy is that people accept a nonsensical diagnosis like fibromyalgia and actually believe they are in pain with no real scientific reason for why it occurs, but when one has a solid, documented Western Blot proving Lyme and co-infections, they are denied treatment by insurance companies that'd go bankrupt at the cost of treatment for the millions affected.

A Lyme Disease Antibiotic Guide

Kills Lyme Germs: A Brief Antibiotic Guide. — Treat Lyme and Associated Diseases

LymeLight is a Lyme Disease awareness film 30 minute documentary film based on Angeli VanLaanen;s battle with Lyme Disease. Angeli, now 27 years old, started showing Lyme symptoms at the tender age of 10. LymeLight is to educate people about Lyme Disease, where it comes from, what the symptoms are and the challenges people face reclaiming their health

Experieces with a Fibro Flare.