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Recycled Wine Bottle, Serving Dish

How to Put Christmas Lights in a Wine Bottle

Display Christmas lights in a whole new, non-traditional way this year - in wine bottles! An LED light string can transform the wine bottle display into a lasting and useful memento!

Seasonal Wine Glass Set Hand Painted Birds Spring Finch Winter Cardinal Autumn Woodpecker Summer Hummingbird Unique Artistic Gift Birdlover

For the 4th of July or any American occasion, each of these wine glasses is a unique way to celebrate in style. - Hand painted in a variety

Birch Tree Hand Painted Wine Glass White Branches Spring Glassware Unique Nature Gift Housewarming Yellow Flowers Stylish Kitchen Decor Art

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Recycled Wine Bottle, Serving Dish

Wine Bottle Serving Dish by ChristinasCre8tions on Etsy

Recycled Wine Bottle, Serving Tray, Platter

Recycled Wine Bottle - Serving Bowl

Recycled Wine Bottle Serving Bowl by ChristinasCre8tions on Etsy, $25.00